Rob Laing


Rob Laing

Hey. I do plants, food and tech in NYC.

I was born in Melbourne to British parents, and have lived in Australia, the UK, Belgium and Japan before moving to New York in 2016.

I founded the language translation tech startup in Tokyo in 2008, and built the company as CEO for 7 years. During that period I had a lucky, radical health transformation around whole plant food.

After leaving Japan and Gengo in early 2015, I took a year off, did a 500km solo hike, a drive across North West Australia, and studied advanced raw plant-based food in Thailand and LA.

By this point I had decided to go completely plant-based.

In early 2016 I founded Farm.One, an indoor vertical farm in Manhattan’s financial district growing specialty herbs and greens year-round for chefs.

I wrote First Job Pointers, a short e-book for those entering the workplace for the first time. You can buy it on Amazon.

In 2018 my book Ditch the Dirt was published by Dovetail Press, explaining the science and history of hydroponics, including dozens of the plants we grow at Farm.One.

I love collaborating with smart people who are passionate about the impact that food can have on people's lives. And I really enjoy working with startups or businesses that have tricky problems. If that sounds like you, say hi. 


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