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Why You Should Open Up Your Data

Plenty of businesses make bold claims. But how do you prove them?

Six months ago we started an experiment. Piece by piece, we exposed our operational metrics to the public on our Open Data website, allowing anyone to see real data about our performance. As a crowd translation service, that means our turnaround time, our quality, our customer satisfaction, and our platform’s reliability. It’s completely unique in our industry, and rare in many others.

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HR Debt

You Are Incurring HR Debt

Most startup founders are familiar with the idea of technical debt, whereby poor system design or coding builds problems over time and makes it hard to improve a piece of software. If you don’t clean up and refactor as you build, you’re left with a clunky mess that no one can (or wants to) fix.

The same thing happens if you hack your way through hiring and management.

I call this HR Debt.

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GALA Istanbul 2014

Keynote at GALA Seville, March 24th 2015

GALA is the Globalization and Localization Association. I had a fun time at GALA 2014 in Istanbul meeting hundreds of translation agencies and other interesting people (and even received a free football shirt). This year I’ll be doing a keynote at the next GALA conference in Seville, March 22-25th. The theme is “Embrace Change. Simplify Solutions.” 

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NRT to SFO #sunset #tokyo #unitedairlines

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The Art of the Simple Blurb

Every week or so, I get asked by a startup founder to make an intro to an investor. Normally these startups are pre-funding, so the founders are inexperienced about talking about their company. So their descriptions of their companies suck, which makes it really hard to make an intro even if they’re working on something interesting.

This advice is mainly for founders looking for investor intros, but probably works for any kind of business development.

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